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Red Sun


My work is influenced by organic forms in nature and my love for the expressive movement of Dance. I use color and texture, and the movement of the paint to enhance the visual and tactile surface of the paintings. Experimentation with the unique properties of the various paints, brush techniques, and surfaces allows me to further develop my paintings. Working in acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media, the paintings I create are a combination of abstraction and landscape.

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My Story

Kate Wendt received her degree in design in Chicago.  Her career as Design Director for Interiors spans 37 years at architectural firms in Chicago, Kansas City, and Boston. She continued to study the arts including painting, photography, jewelry design, and fabric design throughout her career.  In her professional capacity she has designed logos, graphics, custom carpeting, and fabrics for commercial clients. Now retired, she continues to follow her passions for painting. In her personal life, she has studied many styles of Dance focusing in on Argentine Tango since in 1999. Her paintings are influenced by her training in art, design, architecture, and dance.


The work has been exhibited in the Morean Art Center Members Show, Tampa Regional Arts Center in Hyde Park, Warehouse Arts District St. Petersburg, the Dali Museum volunteers show. On-line exhibits include the Florida Watercolor Society, and the Las Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.


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